Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android


Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android

Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android

How To Schedule Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android?

This article will help you to Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android, So This will help to save your time for messaging.

Numerous of users will agitate to know that you can schedule your WhatsApp message to send them later by just setting the time to send the message. In this article, I will teach you the process to do so. Whatsapp is a large messaging network, and it is very much prominent worldwide. This application does not implement the feature for scheduling any message to send it following, but Now you can do this by just straightforward and easy steps.  In this process, you will set the time to send the message using WhatsApp and the other application. And that app will send that message from WhatsApp at the timing that you have set. So just follow the following steps to Schedule Whatsapp Messages On Android.

How To Schedule Whatsapp Messages On Android


Steps to Schedule Whatsapp Messages On Android

Step 1. Download and install the WhatsApp Scheduling application on your Android. (Note your Android must be rooted before following the steps as mentioned in the requirements)


Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android1

Step 2. Once you have completed, open the app. It will ask you for Superuser permission to proceed. Now grant it the super user access. Next, Click on the icon(pencil Icon) in front of Pending messages and select Contact which can either be a person or group and type your message and set the scheduling time.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android2

Step 3. Now finally, click Add and put up your desire contact and a message following it. And your message will be listed under Pending messages tab and will be sent according to set time by you. You can also refer screenshot given below.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android3

Step 4. And That’s it! You are ready with a scheduled WhatsApp message. You can have a complete look at your pending messages that are still to be delivered. You just need to open the app to have a complete look at your pending messages.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android4

So this is the method for How To Schedule Whatsapp Messages On Android. I assure that you will undoubtedly like this excellent way, As it will help you a lot when you want to wish someone his/her birthday at night.

Schedule The WhatsApp Messages Without Rooting Android Device

Step 1. You have to download Scheduler for WhatsApp Application on your Android device.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android5

Step 2. Once installed, open the app it will ask you to enable Accessibility settings to schedule messages. Just click OK

Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android6

Step 3. Now there you have to click on “+” to create a schedule

Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android7

Step 4. You can  Select Time >> Select Recipient >> Select Frequency and at last enter the message for scheduling.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android8

Step 5. Once you have created, you can see the Scheduled task on the home screen of “Scheduler for WhatsApp.”

Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android9

It works without root and by far the easiest way to send messages.

You just have to schedule the greeting message as well as time to 12:00 and the message would be forwarded simultaneously. Now there is no need to wake up at 12:00 or wait until 12’o clock to send the message. Similarly, this will help you to recall something to someone by scheduling the message as well.

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