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Get Recycle Bin For Android

How To Get Recycle Bin For Android?

If you want to have a recycle bin for your Android, then read and follow this article. You can Get Recycle Bin For Android just as in windows.

In your computer when you delete any file then you entirely go to recycle bin and restore that file as well as relapse back in your internal storage. But what in Android device that runs on the Linux-based operating system? In Android, when you erase any file then it gets enduringly removed from your device since there is no Recycle Bin there to get back the file that you have removed

But actually, you can add this feature on your Android device. So we are here with the techniques for Adding Recycle Bin Feature On an Android.

How To Get Recycle Bin For Android

By Using Dumpster App

With the recycle bin function on your Android device, you can now quickly make your data safe from being erased by yourself or any other person too. And the process is incredibly easy and is based on a simple Android application that would temporarily store deleted files that you can restore. Just follow the below steps to continue. You’ll have to use the Dumpster App.

Features Of Dumpster App

  • Restore erased music files, pictures, videos and pretty much almost all type files such as Avi, mp4, jpg, pdf, mp3, doc, png, rar, ogg, txt, etc.
  • No Rooting is needed, but if you do, you will get improved your device performance.
  • Internet connection doesn’t require.
  • NEW: Recover uninstalled apps as well
  • Restore Dumpster backup data with a single click.
  • Preview deleted videos,  photos, and audio files before retrieving.
  • Send files to Dumpster using “share” / “send to” from any file manager or gallery
  • Scheduled auto-clean of old removed items.
  • Protects your privacy using a particular lock screen and access restriction.

Steps To Install & Use Dumpster

Step 1. You have to download and install Dumpster tool from Play store.

Get Recycle Bin For Your Android1


Get Recycle Bin For Your Android2

Step 2. Now when you open the app, there will be significant agreement showed, simply click on agree and continue.

Get Recycle Bin For Your Android3

Step 3. Then select the media which you need to store in the application which gets removed from your storage.

Get Recycle Bin For Your Android4

Step 4. Now, this application is ready to store all the data that has been deleted from your Android.

Get Recycle Bin For Your Android5

Note that if your Android has rooted that you can give superuser access to this app for better working of this app.

By Using ES File Explorer Application

ES File Explorer is a fully functional file manager app compatible with files like Movies, Images, Music, Documents, APK files, for both local as well as networked use. It allows the option to add the recycle bin feature. Files that you removed using Es File Explorer can be recovered using Recycle Bin option.

Step 1.Download and install ES File Explorer from Google Play Store. It is available for free.

Get Recycle Bin For Your Android6




Get Recycle Bin For Your Android7

Step 2. Now run the app and then click on the menu

Get Recycle Bin For Your Android8

Step 3. Now you have to look for the option “Recycle Bin” and should enable it.

Get Recycle Bin For Your Android9

Step 4. Now if you want to recover it, just click on “Recycle Bin” option, and you would see all the deleted files.

Get Recycle Bin For Your Android10

So the above article is all about How To Get Recycle Bin For Android. By this, you can undoubtedly revert all the files that you may delete accidentally or deliberately and secure your sensitive data from being removed.

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