Use Facebook”s Snapchat Clone ‘Flash’ On Your Android


Use Facebook’s Snapchat Clone ‘Flash’ On Your Android

How To Use Facebook’s Snapchat Clone ‘Flash’ On Android?

In this article, we provide the best trick to Use Facebook’s Snapchat Clone ‘Flash’ On Your Android. Do share with your friends.

The popularity of the Snapchat is increasing significantly. So the other traditional services of its class are trying to compete with its features as well as functionality so as to attract more of the users. Facebook which is the vastly popular social media has aimed to directly battle with the Snapchat by making of another application named Flash the Facebook developers have provided up to the users with the incredible functionality of Snapchat in it, and it can be either said that this tool is the clone version of the Snapchat. The issue is that this new app Flash from the Facebook is only available to the users of Brazil and is still not launched worldwide, but if you tend to try this tool even if you aren’t in Brazil, then there is some process to do so. Here in this post, we have explained the process through which you can be able to download easily and install the Flash on your device too. This process will not either require rooting your device or any such complicated procedures, but you can do it through a simple method.

How To Use Facebook’s Snapchat Clone ‘Flash’ On Your Android

The method is very straightforward and easy, and you just have to follow some of the simple steps discussed below to continue.

Steps To Use Facebook’s Snapchat Clone ‘Flash’ On Your Android Device

  • Even though the Flash is only available in Brazil but still the .apk for this app is open on most of the references from which any of the users can get worldwide. The only thing the users will have to do is that find out the .apk file for the tool and then install it on their Android by disabling the ‘Unknown Sources‘ installation choice.
  • After installing the app on your Android which can be done just by running the .apk file, launch the app on your device also then sign in to the Facebook account through the options for Login.
  • Just as the Snapchat, this tool also has a chat screen on the left side, camera interface at the middle part and the “Your Story” screen on the right of the app. The only variation between the Snapchat and the Flash is that both of these have different types of filters, Flash have terrible filters which either looks and seems like childish as well as funny sometimes.

Use Facebook Snapchat Clone 'Flash' On Your Android1

  • This time Facebook has not come up with the kind of exceptional service, and feature class tool for the Flash and this can be easily detected by the first time use of it. Although users may assume for the update from the Facebook, which will roll this app for the entire world. And even implement something much better than the Snapchat as Facebook is a much larger developer. Until that time you can enjoy using this app by installing it on your Android.

So this was the process by which you can now try the Snapchat clone tool of Facebook even if you are not in Brazil. This app is a lot more comparable to the Snapchat which is the traditional service, and the Flash might not get on many users until some time, although if you still wish to try up the new app, then you can do that by following the above method.

We hope you like the trick and try it on your Android device and have fun. Don’t skip to share your views and experience. Thanks for reading.

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