Make a Website with WordPress A Guide For Beginners


Make a Website with WordPress; A Guide For Beginners

How to Make a Website with WordPress; A Guide For Beginners


If you want to Make a Website with WordPress, then you must read this article. We explain step by step process to start with it. Do share also.

What Is WordPress? 

WordPress is an online, open-source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-technical speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. WordPress is a famous software for building websites. We can design and develop a simple 5-6 page WordPress site or more complex sites with hundreds of pages and various custom menus. Every client and every project are very different. You can get a free account at and try it out.

Basic Building Blocks Of WordPress

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WORDPRESS: WordPress is software with hundreds of files as well as functions – more than most users will ever need. It’s a free app, but it must be installed on a server and configured. It needs to be updated several times per year.
THEME: After WordPress has installed, a theme is built or modified. A theme is an interface design with background colors, footers, sidebars, heading areas, and more. There may be one/more templates, and one or more style sheets. The style sheets include the instructions for how everything should be presented 
PLUGINS AND WIDGETS: Most WordPress sites require 4 or more plugins – some have 20 or more. These apps let you add interactive features such as contact forms, maps, blog subscriptions, newsletter signups, slideshows, photo galleries, social media links & much more. There are smaller scripts called widgets that are used to organize the small tasks such as showing Archives or the Latest Posts in the sidebar of a blog
CONTENT FILES: Once the site has built, the content has added to the pages. The beauty of WordPress is that you can add pages quickly, move them around, make custom menus, & reorganize categories.
TESTING: As we add content, we test on-site in different browsers also on various devices like cell phones and tablets. Adjustments have made to the themes as well as style sheets as necessary.
GETTING QUOTES: It’s necessary to ask what a developer has in mind when he or she gives you a WordPress quote. Many developers would install WordPress using a one-click installation and leave it. It is not what most people have in mind

If you tell the developer that you want something could update, he or she may assume you want the basic installation of WordPress plus a ready-made theme. However, most sites need experienced coding and design to look professional.

“ VS”

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Quick fix: The is the site where you could download WordPress & a slew of free themes also the plugins. You could learn more on the WordPress project and keep with the grapevine on the many mini-sites

On the other hand, is the service that gets you started with the free WordPress-based blog in no time. Yes, now you get a free blog, but, the features are relatively limited also less flexible than what you would get with the flavor of WordPress at the

Start with WordPress

  • You could head over to and create a free blog. You get the WordPress-based blog quickly, but the features are limited and in some case, will not get until you upgrade to their VIP program that goes for $2.5k a month.
  • You can get WordPress from the, install on your PC, & test the waters
  • You can acquire a web hosting account from any of our recommended web hosts i.e. Bluehost, SiteGround or WPEngine. Any of the three would give you a generous discount when you sign up using any of our links. On top of that, we would set up your WordPress at absolutely no cost. No strings attached – just get your web hosting package through any of these links: Bluehost, Siteground, or WPEngine. Bluehost & Siteground offer one-click WordPress installs so you are in safe hands. WPEngine is a best-managed WordPress host. Their service is dedicated to WordPress completely, so you ought to be in good hands too.

So above are the guide for the beginners who plan to start with WordPress. We hope you like the article about Make a Website with WordPress and use WordPress to know more. Visit our site for knowing more on WordPress and Blogging tricks. Do share with your friends. If you have any doubts while using WordPress, leave us in comments below. Thanks for reading.



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