How To Block WiFi Stealing


How To Block WiFi Stealing

How To Block WiFi Stealing?

Here we share the best method using which you can block stealing your WiFi Network and find the hacker also. Read carefully to Block WiFi Stealing.

The best method to connect to the internet is by using the Wifi connections that are wireless networks which anybody could access with permission when in range. It means that it requires some permissions which can be used to gain access to the internet service. Hence this can be hacked as hacking ways to find or crack the credentials to login or gain access to some account etc. Most people are focused on hacking the wifi networks for having access to the internet service. Hackers have targeted many individuals by breaking into their WiFi network. You can stop them from breaking into your WiFi network.

How To Block WiFi Stealing

Go through the process that is given below to know how you could protect your Wifi from Hackers & stop them from stealing your Wifi.

Steps To Block WiFi Stealing

1. You have to log in to your router. For that, go to the IP Address >> from the search bar of the web browser, or try the link “” It would take you to the router login panel where you have to log in using your username as well as the password that ISP has provided to you.

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2. Once you have successfully opened the admin account, you will then reach the panel where you have to find the option “Connected devices” or “Attached devices.“ Press that option to know how many devices are connected to your Wifi. It will show you the IP address as well as the device name of all the devices that are connected.

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3. If you have found any unknown device that is attached to your Wifi, then you could stop that user from using your Wifi by changing the password or blocking the option from the panel. It would prevent the user from using your WiFi network.

Hackers can gain access to your Wifi networks, but you have to remember you have full control of the device and network, so you can quickly stop them from stealing your WiFi. Just follow the method explained above, and you can know which device is being used to connect to your Wifi and also how you can block it. Go and try this simple method to protect your Wifi.

We hope you like the article that we shared on blocking WiFi stealing. Try it out and secure your WiFi. Do share with others. Thanks for reading.

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