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Tips To Secure WiFi Network From Hackers (10 Tips)

Tips To Secure WiFi Network From Hackers (10 Tips)

Read this article to study to Secure WiFi Network From Hackers (10 Tips)


Nowadays the internet is our basic need because the internet is used in every field of Business, Banking, Education, Entertainment, Marketing, Advertising, etc. Nowadays Wireless internet is the more common type of internet. WiFi is most generally used method for wireless internet connection. WiFi uses radio waves to transfer data. Wireless network reduces the cost of wires and maintenance. But with the traditional wired network, it used to be difficult for someone to steal your bandwidth but the biggest problem with a wireless network is that people can penetrate into your network and use the Internet using your WiFi connection when they are near about your home or even your neighbors can waste your bandwidth. This will increase your bill, decrease your internet speed and also hack your personal computers. If you are using the wireless internet connection, here are the tips to secure your wifi networks from unauthorized access.

Steps to Secure WiFi Network From Hackers

Hackers are the most common factor in the online world. Most of them are hacking our wifi networks. Here am helping you to secure your WIFI Modem OR Router Online. We hope this will help you to secure your wifi details.

Step 1: Create A Unique and strong Password For Your WIFI Router.

The default credentials can be easily found on Google and are usually “admin” and “password”. Hence, it is very importantly to improve it. It helps to secure your network, and one can make changes in your network settings and efficiently protect WiFi network from hackers.

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follow the steps to change the router credentials

Step 1. Type your localhost router IP by typing or into the address bar of your browser. (most common)
Step 2. Then login to your router by using your default username and password. The username and password are given in the manual book of your router. It is different for each router manufacturer. If you lost your router manual book, then you can find the default password of your router by searching on Google. Google will help you to find your default password. Search according to your manufacturer name.
Step 3. After logging in into your router by entering your default username and password. Now you have to change your default username and password. The settings you can find under administrator settings option. After changing the details click on save changes. Now you are secured with new username and password. No one can access it.

STEP 2: Filter Mac Address.

Devices that are connecting to the internet like the laptop, computer, mobile, etc. has a unique MAC address (Media Access Control) OR Physical address of the device. For increased security of your Wireless Network, you can add MAC addresses of all our devices to our router settings page so that only the specified devices can connect to our WiFi network. This you can protect your WiFi network from hackers and internet stealer who you many techniques to connect automatically to WiFi.

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  • To find MAC address from PC – Open the command prompt by typing cmd in the search bar. Type IP config/all in command prompt and press enter. Now you will see the physical address of your device.
  • To find MAC address from Mobile devices – You can find the MAC address of mobiles under “Settings”.

STEP 3: Wrap Your Network using any encryption.

Use encryption methods available for wireless settings including WEP, WPA2, WPA,(WiFi protected access version 2)

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STEP 4: Choose the network range to secure WIFI Network

select 802.11g for large network and  802.11b or 802.11n for a small network such as in a small home or an apartment.


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STEP 5: Upgrade The WiFi Router Framework To Secure WIFI Network.

You should use the latest version of router framework. For this, you have to check the manufacturer site to update framework regularly. You can download the latest version of your framework from the manufacturer website. You can simply check your current version of router framework at 192.168.*.*. from your router dashboard.

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STEP 6: Switch On Router Firewall.

WIFI networks on mobile devices become necessary to have another layer of protection. Hence, you must enable the Firewall in your router and computer. Most advanced routers have Firewall settings. You can enable it in your router admin panel and then go to security settings. If your router doesn’t have Firewall settings, you can download various 3rd party Softwares to do so.

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STEP 7: Change Network’s SSID Name To Secure WIFI Network.

SSID of the wireless router is the predefined option according to router brand name that is using. Therefore, SSID shows the brand of router you are using which shows all the default data for your system and its vulnerabilities as well. Therefore, you should always change the SSID of your Wifi network to make it more secure. Do not use any personal details as SSID name. It will be shown to everyone who is accessing your network.

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STEP 8: Switch Off Guest Networks To Secure WIFI Network.

Most of the wifi routers providing guest network option. This will helps to access WiFi without telling them your WIFI Password. By activating this feature, Your wifi connection will split into two. You can give free wifi to your guest without a password. OR with a simple password.

This feature also helps to set a bandwidth for your guest. We recommend to turn it off for your security.

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STEP 9: Switch Off WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) To Secure WIFI Nework.

WiFi safe system OR WIFI Protect System is a method to connect to a WiFi network without the password. You just needed only enter the WPS pin. It will help anyone having access to your router, and they can connect to the network. Also, the pin is not very secure and can be hackable in some hours. Hence, We recommend to switch off to protect WiFi network from hackers.

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STEP10: Protect Your WiFi SSID To Secure WIFI Network

The best way to protect your WiFi network from others by not advertising the SSID. If you require adding a device, just type in the SSID and Password on that device. As the network doesn’t show up in any WiFi scans, it is very unlikely that any hackers or intruders target it.

Tips To Secure WiFi Network From Hackers (10 Tips)-Tecfever 10

we advise you to take all the important measures to make your home and office Wifi network as secure as possible.


We hope all the above methods will help you to secure your WIFI. Do the above steps to get your WIFI secured. And share with your all friends about this security tips. It is very simple to apply, and you can be secure for a long time. We will update this if we found new tips about this. Keep visit and support us. If you have any doubts about this article, just comment below. Our expert always here to help you. Thanks for reading the article. If you want to be secure online, Just subscribe us or bookmark us. Follow us. Any doubts regarding technology Just mail us your doubt we will update soon. Anyone have more tips about this article update it via comment option. We will add it here.

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